Wedding Cheese Cake Creations


Ansteys can create a lovely wedding or celebration cake that would be a wonderful way to mark your special day or event. Using only the best cheese from our wide range of British and European cheeses, we can fashion a cake that you'll remember and your guests will love.

Cheese wedding cakes have become very popular in recent years as people look for something a little different to the usual wedding cake. Whether to complement or replace a traditional cake, a cheese cake is a delicious alternative for your wedding or event. Of course, many people love great cheese and would delight in this choice.

You can choose from one of our cheese cakes that we have already created, or contact us and in consultation with you we will design a bespoke cake unique for your occasion.

How much cheese?
We would usually suggest allowing around 100g of cheese per person - so for a reception of 100 people you'll need a cake of 10Kg. Of course, some people will eat a little more than this allowance, some a little less - but our experience suggests this is about the right amount.

How much will it cost?
The cost will depend on the cheeses chosen for the cake, but generally you will need to budget for around £2 per person. If you take a look through the cakes we have put together you will get a good idea of the range of prices. With bespoke designs, we can alter the cake at your direction to fit within a budget.

How to decorate the cake?
We do not provide decorations for the cake. We will provide the cheese and it is usual for you or your caterer to decorate the cake - we have found that flowers, petal and fruit adornments work really well for the cake. You may wish to add traditional wedding cake stands to place the cheese layers on, although the cakes just work as well with the cheese placed on top of each other.

How is the cheese delivered?
We will send the cheese out by next day courier in a refrigerated box. We suggest taking delivery a couple of days before the event or wedding. Delivery cost will depend on the amount of cheese ordered. If the event is in or close to London, we can arrange to bring the cheese to you directly ourselves for a small additional fee. Please discuss this with us prior to ordering.

How to Order?

'London' Cake

Either click here to view the standard cakes we offer, or please e-mail us at or call us on 01905 820232 and we can discuss your individual requirements. Once we agree on what is going to work for you, we can take payment by cheque or by credit card.

An example cake
One of the cakes pictured here is our 'London' cake which we recently created for a wedding. It is designed for 80 - 100 people and cost £150. It has four tiers of really fine British cheese.

The layers from bottom to top are:

Olde Sussex - a mature, creamy, strong cheddar type cheese
Stilton Cropwell Bishop - the king of blue cheeses
Ticklemore Goat - a very light and subtle goats milk cheese
Mini Capricorn - from Lubborn Creamery Somerset


Just call us on 01905 820232 or email us at for a chat about your requirements.